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Be ahead of your next flight ! Here you will be able to find most charts for controlled airports in the FIR. We won't include uncontrolled airports charts for obvious reasons. Content is for VATSIM and should not be used for real world navigation.

Use this link to get the latest METAR/TAF for your favorite airports and destinations.

Here you can see the FIR sectors and boundaries.

​A document containing all the preferred IFR routes.

Here you will find all current and active NOTAMs for our controlled airports. All those NOTAMs are applied by our controllers on the VATSIM network and they are also decoded for better comprehension and less confusion.

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CZUL is a virtual organization designed around flight simulation and is not affiliated with Nav Canada, Transport Canada, the actual 'FIR de Montréal', or any other governing aviation body. The contents of this website are approved only for use on the VATSIM network. The information is neither intended nor should it be used for real world navigation.

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